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Water Damage Cleanup & Repair:
We will get your property dry and restored properly the first time. From fixing a leaky pipe and the water damage to larger disaster strikes, you need to be able to count on a restoration company with the experience, expertise and reliability to help you reclaim your home or business – and your life.

Water damage repair and restoration requires immediate attention, Minutes Count and Details Matter.

Many people find themselves in the distressful situation of needing to repair water damage in their homes, caused by leaking pipes, flooding, severe weather, improperly sealed windows, a leaking roof, overflowing sinks, improper drainage, as well as many other sources. Once this damage has occurred, it is imperative that the repairs be performed as soon as possible to prevent further damage or mold growth.

Let us help. We have certified technicians who will be there in your time of need. We will even help you handle the insurance claim and billing process! Call today 888.728.4568 for quality affordable restoration services.

We perform restoration for both residential and commercial properties. Most of all, we strive for excellent and timely service. We can help you get rid of all the unnecessary water, dry your carpets, floors, walls and furniture, and finally restore your home or office to its original or even better condition.

Flooding – both large and small – presents significant risks to your home and your health. You need complete structural drying and dehumidification services from professionals who are trained  and certified to reduce further damage and reclaim the safety and good health of your property. If handled improperly or left untreated, water damage can result in even bigger problems, including mold damage.

We’re equipped with state-of-the-art drying equipment ready to solve your home or business problems. Our technicians are prepared for your call and ready to respond 24 hours-a-day/seven days-a-week.

Come on, put down the towels and the wet-dry vacuum and call US Restoration the water damage & restoration professionals. With water damage, time is of the essence.

Dehumidification can save home owners and businesses money in restoration and replacement costs, as well as the costs of downtime and delayed production schedules.

The dehumidifiers operated by our professionals have the power and capability of removing water and moisture from drywall, plaster, interior paint, cement floors, carpets, insulation, and basements. Drying time is reduced because US Restoration technicians adjust the locations and types of dehumidifiers as drying conditions change. The results are exceptional and efficient.

When seconds count US RESTORATION is there for you. With our 30 minute GUARANTEED response time and highly trained restoration and construction team, you can count on having the quality work you expect from America's Restoration team. No matter how big or small, US RESTORATION does it all!

Wind Damage Cleanup & Repair:
Wind in storms can cause all kinds of damage from downed trees and roof leaks to window or exterior building damage
Fire Damage
Cleanup & Repair:

When fire damage occurs the severity can range from light smoke damage to total destruction of part or all of the building
Mold Assessment &

Mold in a your home can be a health risk. The health and well-being of your family is paramount. Mold removal as a do it yourself project creates problems