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Mold Assessment & Remediation:
Mold in your home can be a health risk. The health and well-being of your family is paramount. Mold removal as a do it yourself project creates problems, problems such as inadvertently spreading the spores as well as not understanding where they all are. Miss a few and watch them grow again.

Mold is what causes that putrid, musty smell to eminate from damp areas of your home. Mold consists of microorganisms that disperse into the air to be inhaled by inhabitants of the home. In addition, these microorganisms have the potential to cause more problems than staunch odors. Some varieties such as Stachybotrys, commonly referred to as “black mold,” have even been linked to toxic disorders.

If your home or business has experienced water damage due to flood, a leaky roof or pipes bursting, then you should know that prompt attention to the damage is of the utmost importance. When water damage is extensive, the water can seep into walls, floors and furniture leading to rot and decay.  The formation of dangerous mold, fungi and other bacterial microbes is inevitable if left unchecked.

You need your situation evaluated by a professional. We will identify all the sources of mold and mitigate it before it can spread or affect the health of your family or pets.

Mold in high levels will have negative effects on health. You can smell mold even if you cannot see it, and if you can smell mold you need us.

The US Restoration team has professionally trained personnel needed to take a professional approach to your mold issues. To help restore your peace of mind and get back to wellness, call us now 888.728.4568

Again, We're not just proud of our workmanship - we guarantee it.

When seconds count US RESTORATION is there for you. With our 30 minute GUARANTEED response time and highly trained restoration and construction team, you can count on having the quality work you expect from America's Restoration team. No matter how big or small, US RESTORATION does it all!


Water Damage
Cleanup & Repair:

We will get your property dry and restored properly the first time. From fixing a leaky pipe and the water damage to

Wind Damage Cleanup & Repair:
Wind in storms can cause all kinds of damage from downed trees and roof leaks to window or exterior building damage
Fire Damage
Cleanup & Repair:

When fire damage occurs the severity can range from light smoke damage to total destruction of part or all of the building